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 We are planning shuttles between the station line B to "Université Paul Sabatier" and ISAE supaéro where the workshop will take place. The Shutlles will start at 7H30 a-m on Monday and Tuesday and stop at 9H.

You can also drive to ISAE Supaéro, 10 Avenue Edouard Belin, 31 Toulouse. A Parking is available.  Tell to the security you are coming to the Workshop.  

A bus will pick up you to visit Institut Clément Ader Monday Evening and will bring you back to ISAE and to Metro Paul Sabatier.

A Shutlle will bring you back to Metro Paul Sabatier on Tuesday Evening.

For more information on transport in Toulouse, see:

Hotels located in the center of Toulouse near the Jean Jaures subway station :

For people with a car: a very original one with a beautiful view on the Garonne river and

lights of Toulouse:



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